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Admeyered Farms Rabbitry

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Thank you Rita Clough of New Lisbon, WI for purchasing our entire herd of Lionheads.  Selling them was a difficult decision for us, but we are SO happy they went to a good home and hope to be able to visit them and watch them grow.  Thanks again Rita!
I will be leaving this page up for now, as soon as I get website info for Rita, I will put a link on our page so anyone can contact her regarding these family lines.  I highly recommend her, she is a wonderful person.

Bucks                Does

Legendary's Habby


This is Habby.  He is one of our 2 herd sires.  He joined us from Legendary's Rabbitry and we are so very happy to have him in our herd.  He has such good type and is just a sweetheart.  Looking forward to seeing his kits mature.

Meyer's Adam 
          REW Buck
Adam will be joining the rest of the breeding herd in a few months.  He needs to mature a bit more.  Almost named him "Attitude" since he's a fiesty one, but he's a lover once he settles down. 
Zinnia x Aspen

This is Silky, or otherwise known as "Moe".  My daughter decided she didnt look like a Silky.  Anyway she is just now being weaned from her first litter and did a wonderful job.  She was such a good mom, we even fostered one of our Dwarf Hotots to her at 2 days old.  She didnt blink.  Great mom, great kits.  Love em!

Meyer's Silky ( Moe )
Blue tort Doe

This is Meyer's Silky, AKA "Moe".  My daughter felt she didnt look like a "Silky" and liked a character named Moe.  We fought her for a while, but Moe it is.  Moe is a great mom, and will foster just about anybody for us.  Moe is a wooly, but throws great kits with a buck who does not carry the wool gene.  Moe is also VERY tiny and still manages to carry off an attitude of "Look at ME!"
Setzke's Whisper
We lost Whisper this spring while kindling.  We will miss her very much.  Whisper came to us from Tammy Setzke and we are thankful we had the chance to have her in our herd.  Whisper was the best mom, and had beautiful babies.  We loved her very much.

Admeyered Farms Rabbitry
Waupun, WI