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Admeyered Farms Rabbitry

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As this is our first attempt at a website, we appreciate any help, comments, suggestions and ideas you might be willing to share.  The site will be under construction alot until we have it as confusing as possible.  Let us know when you are completely confused and we will know we are done!
Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts.  Possitive ones are preferred, but since we appreciate cynical humor, go for it.

Or try Kelly's Cell 920-763-2675

Related Links

We would like to expand our link section, so if you have any links you feel would be appropriate, please send the link to me and I can add it on.
To visit Tammy and her wonderful bunnies, click on the link below.  Thanks again to Tammy for her beautiful stock and pictures.

Setzke's Dandelions

Current Lionhead Standards
Revised 06/06/05

Admeyered Farms Rabbitry
Waupun, WI