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Admeyered Farms Rabbitry

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This page will list our upcoming litters.  Waiting list is now open at no obligation.  All kits are available after weaning at 6-8 wks old.  There are no guarantee's on kits, sex, or litters as nature sometimes has other plans.  
Please ask if you have any questions.  We are more than willing to discuss any rabbit you see on this site.
Ella x Habby   (Black x Blk Tort)
DOB  4/05/07   
     Black buck, BlkTort doe and Sable Pt doe.
Hot Mamma x Habby
DOB 04/05/07
     Blk Tort doe, Blk Tort doe, Sable Pt Buck.
Zinnia x Aspen ( Blu Tort x Sable Pt)
DOB 04/30/07
     3 REW.
Whisper x Aspen   (Blk Tort x Sable Pt)
**Lost Whisper kindling.
Silky x Habby  (Blk Tort x Blk Tort)
DOB 05/11/07
     5 Blk Tort
Apple x Habby (Blk Tort x Blk Tort)
DOB 05/11/07
     3 Blk Tort

Admeyered Farms Rabbitry
Waupun, WI