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Admeyered Farms Rabbitry

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Admeyered Farms Rabbitry.  
Registered Rabbitry # X658
Breeding quality Dwarf Hotots with blue,
black, and chocolate bands
Welcome to Admeyered Farms Rabbitry!
Our Registered Rabbitry is run by Kelly Meyer with the children helping.   We currently have a 68 hole rabbitry, dedicated mainly to the black banded Dwarf Hotot.  We do occasionally have some blue and chocolate.    
  Due to recent health issues, all rabbits pictured that are not Dwarf Hotots will be available for sale.  Some DH will be available as we start to pare down the herd. 
Thank you Kathy and Kendra Wentland for taking the entire herd of Mini Lops.  We wish your family well in your project and we are very happy with how everything turned out.
  Our most sincere thanks to Patty Percy and Sonja Papakee for getting us started in the Dwarf Hotots, and thanks to Tammy Setzke for sharing the wonderful world of Lionheads.   If conditions were different, we would stay with lions too.  We will be attending WSRBA and ARBA, so if you are interested in something, we can deliver to either show for free.

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Legendary's Habby
Available $25
Lionhead Dwarf Hotot Cross
3 available - $25 each
Habby's Son by Hot Mamma
Available $25

Check out our Kits Available Page.  We have many kits to choose from this year, and we cant keep them all as much as we would like to.  There will be many show quality animals available.  We will be attending some shows this fall and can arrange delivery to WSRBA in Eau Claire, ARBA in Michigan,  Dodgeville, and Weyawega.   

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our rabbitry.  We love to talk to others who enjoy farm life too.
You can email us at:

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Admeyered Farms Rabbitry
Waupun, WI